Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is it taking you so long to update this website?
Because I am friggin busy. (Translation - I am lazy.)

Why do you hate Mike Lupica so much?
Because he gets paid to bash the Yankees. He is a biased asshole.

How come you didnt post my email?
Because it was long and boring, and you made NO attempt to kiss my ass.

Are you afraid Lupica will find out about this site?
I dont give a shit - feel free to email him a link.

How do I know you aren't selling my email address to some spam mailer?
There are better ways to make money than to screw over fellow Lupica haters.

Where can I buy an "Enough Lupica" T Shirt?
I'm working on it.

How come you didn't post my Photoshop pic of Lupica?

Because it SUCKED.

Any other sports reporters you hate?
That guy Joel Sherman is the Post's version of Lupica - he's starting to get on my nerves. I like Phil Mushnick from the Post - he busts on sports announcers, and ESPN.

Oh I forgot - I hate everyone at ESPN, especially John "One Nut" Kruk and Steve "I couldn't GM a little league team, but I can sexually harass my co-workers" Phillips.

Is there anything I can do to help you out with this website?
Feel free to send in any ideas. I am currently trying to find a larger image of Mike Lupica, so if anyone sees one, please send it to me.