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From: Member of the New York Press
That inspires three thoughts:

1. I don't believe I have ever laughed harder
2. I don't believe I have ever laughed longer
3. I hope I don't piss you off anytime soon .... lol.

Thanks for sharing. And know that I have already shared with others who are laughing just as hard and just as long ....

From: Czar
Thank you for this great website. I also cannot stand this annoying little twerp with his snide remarks, his biased coverage, his blatantly full of shit nonsense.  ( A Knick fan in London)

This little prick is so pathetic and I am glad that you are exposing him for the lowlife that he is.

I also hate his political lines in his sports column, but then again the daily snooze is a marxist rag anyway.

Funny how every sports reporter/columnist has their email address listed at the very end of their article except midget mike.

Keep up the great work.

From: Big Bob
Your site is unbelievable. I love it. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. It’s genius. I thought I was the only one who hated that little obnoxious left-wing twerp. Thankfully there are thousands who feel the same way. I’m so sick of his liberal politics it’s not funny. He sucks as a sports writer and his politics make it even worse. Who gives a shit that he wants to suck Obamas dick. Keep up the good work.

From: Jane S
I think your next project should be (check out his comments about Kobe on his silly website). Clearly he is the biggest asshole ever to wear a baseball uniform.I guess he's suffering from lack of attention since his fat ass is on the DL (hopefully forever) and obviously needs to get his fat ugly head in the news somehow.

And I don't even like Kobe Bryant. God I hate that narcissist son-of-a-bitch.

From: Anthony B
Just wanted to let you know I think your website is outstanding and without question, Mike Lupica is a first team All Galactica Douche Bag.

When I hit the Hong Mark Six (Hong Kong's version of Mega Millions) I plan to buy the surrounding houses in Lupica-Douchela's neighborhood and barricade his house with 500 foot jumbotrons running your website 24/7! (and maybe speakers blasting Bob Shepherd's Yanks line-ups throughout history)

From: Chris
I found your web site sometime in 2007 & read it everyday and have also been emailing the twerp to tell him what a cry baby he sounds like.

Keep up the great work.

From: Jane S
You are my new hero!

I always wonder what Yaz thinks of Manny pissin' behind the green wall?

Looking forward to your comments on Lupica's latest about Joba being like 'American Idol.'

Thanks for the laughs...

From: Mark M
This could be the single-greatest website.


The only thing missing is a well-thought out plan to beat Sterling to death with Waldman.


From: Bruman
How many times has Lupicum referenced the subway series in 2000 when the Yanks beat the Mets in 5 to win the world series? About zero. How many times do you think he would bring it up if the Mets won? How about every week for the last 8 years and every week until he finally hangs it up. Anyone who understands that little fag prick knows that is not an exaggeration.

From: Bruce D
Hey Six. What are the odds that little fuck will write how Santana was paid 150m to come to Shea and win games like these against Atlanta? How Santana is at best just looking like a very good pitcher but definitely not a great dominant pitcher. How he just had 3 starts in a row recently where he pitched 5.2 - six innings using 115 pitches each time. How he is leading the league again in bombs allowed and how is ERA would be well over 4 in the AL. I could go on but you get the picture. Santana's best days are behind
him. He will be solid for 2 more years then become Mussina and get raked by the fans for the next 5-6 years. Man i love that. thx.


From: Andrea R
Ran across your website - it's fantastic and freakin' hilarious. It's been tough enough putting up with Lupica once a week on ESPN all these years...I can't imagine having this guy's bile spewed daily. Even on tv he's constantly jerking off Giambi for The Apology, even though he also thinks Giambi is a piece of shit. I can't for the life of me figure out why a buffoon like Manny is a better human being than any Yankee. If someone else pulled what this guy pulls, he would be vilified.

Sometimes I read his paper online and every one of his columns is horseshit. He churns out the same column over and over again. Enough to make anyone nuts. Oh, and he only has three subjects to write about. This in New York city? Three lousy subjects?

I don't like the yankees AND YET even I can see how unfair he is to the yankees. It's bizarre to have a red sox fan writing a column in New York. Does the Cleveland paper have a Pittsburgh steelers' fan writing about the browns? Hell no. And that doesn't mean we want to read hearts and flowers about Cleveland teams. We whine and bitch a lot and we expect that from our writers, but fair is fair....I just have the feeling that if the Yankees win the world series this year, his column will be something like "you have to wonder what Girardi will do that will ever measure up to his first season with the yankees..." and "The billionaire owners and the millionaire overpaid players finally won one, after so many years of failing to live up to their billing. blah blah blah..." "The balance of power is still with red sox."


From: Robert S
Congratulations on your site, it's hilarious.    Usually, I doubt if hating Lupica is worth the trouble, he is so completely insignificant in the scheme of things.    But I am glad to see so many people agree with me-- he is hands down the most insufferable person in New York media. 

His ego isn't big enough for writing a sports column (badly), or novels (very badly) he has to impress us with his "knowledge" of politics.    I have rarely seen a guy write about politics that knows so little about the subject.   It's if Jessica Simpson starting musing about particle physics.       And the News won't let anyone comment on what he's saying.     I don't blame them, it would be too easy to pick him apart.    He's a boob, a self-righteous, ignorant moron.

Good work!


From: Bruce D
This is the kind of fragmented crap one could expect from Lupicum:

Two teams will play tonight. One will win. One will lose.
It has always been that way. Always will.

That little anal fissure thinks that makes him dramatic. I'm not a violent guy and have not hit someone since the third grade, but this guy has earned a backhand.

From: Mark
I love this site.  It was in the comments page on the Daily News.  To me there is not bigger phony than Lupica although I have to admit I hardly read any of his articles because I think they suck.  To me Lupica is part of the problem why this country is in decay.  Instead of ranting about Iraq etc, how about ranting how stupid we are as a country not to drill for oil anywhere, and expect the rest of the world to want to sell us the stuff cheap.  How stupid is that;  It would be like Microsoft saying we can sell Office for 300 dollars but we will sell it instead for 50.   I just cant stand the guy so now this site has one more loyal reader.

Soon will be more readers than read his stupid columns.

From: Canelo N
THANK GOD!!! I thought I was the only person that thought Mike Pucipa was a Yankee hating, A-Rod bashing, unapologetic, misinformed, Viagra using, Cialis abusing, child molesting, DWARF!!!!! GOD I HATE THAT FREAKING PRICK!!! I’M GLAD THERE ARE A LOT OF US THAT HATE HIS ASS!!!! I can’t believe that fucking worm got Lisa Olson fired from the Daily News; she should’ve kicked his ass 6 ways to Sunday before she left. And why is he like the only columnist on that RAG PAPER that doesn’t allow post on his columns?? Fucking BITCH ASS MOTHERFUCKING COWARD!!!! I haven’t laughed so hard in a while reading your post on the site, you are so right on with your observations of this FAKE ASS POETRY RIGHTING FUCK. WHAT THE FUCK?? Did he get fired from his job at Hallmark for being to much of a poetic sap!!?? Of for being the BIGGEST PUSSY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work guy’s let’s bash this moronic son of a bitch into the ground!!!!!!!!!!

From: Murphydog

Some more Lupica rant to spice up your Easter Egg hunts. In his Easter 2008 “sports column” Loopy also opines:

1). “That big war-loving newspaper general William Kristol of the Times - which branch of the service did he serve in?”

Oh, I see. Unless you were in the military, you cannot have an opinion about war.  Hillary was never in the service. Pretty sure Obama wasn’t either. Or Bill Clinton. Or Abe Lincoln. Persuasive argument. Still trying to figure out what this is doing in a sports column. At least the NY Times is big enough to acknowledge an opposing point of view from time to time even if Mikey isn't.. big enough, that is.

2). “The difference between Spitzer and a lot of other guys in politics is that he’s the one who got caught paying for it.” 

Uh, no, actually Mikey, what makes the Spitzer situation so different is the ex-governor’s towering hypocrisy. But then again, is it surprising that Lupica doesn't find hypocrisy a problem?

3). “No kidding, New York will soon be the first state in the union to have its own “Govs Gone Wild” DVD.”

Note to Mikey: Hey Mike, just heard from Conan, Jay and Dave. They think you shouldn’t quit your day job. These jokes were old last week.


From: Big Al
Did you see Sunday's Shitting from the Lips in the Daily News? Why is this little moron writing for a New York paper? It's one thing to scout the teams and make assessments based on real information, but this asshole does no research (if you don't count using a magnifying glass to find his dick), and only offers his biased opinions on the Yankees. I can only look forward to the day this prick pulls a Russ Limbaugh or Imus to get himself canned. Then again, the little fag is too politically correct for that to happen. I'd be happy if Lupiswallow went back to sucking Jose Reyes' dick and left the sports reporting to people with actual knowledge of sports.
Fucking hilarious.

From: Mike R
I've never heard it before so I apologize to any one who may have previously thought of it but hanging the sobriquet " THE CHIRPIN TWERP " on our favorite midget seems to be a natural. 


From: Jeff R.
Have you considered throwing a few minutes into making an edit at wikipedia?  They have a page about Lupica.  You could throw in some of the controversy against him, with him getting journalists fired and fucked with.  And add a reference to your page, as a coalition of fans against this pompous douchebag.

I actually did mention this website on his page at wikipedia, saying how he hates the Yankees and takes every chance he can to bash them.

It was up there for a few months before someone (most likely his wife) edited it out. Dopey broad.

From: Kenneth B
Since Lupica spent so much time and effort bashing the Yanks for paying Clemens roughly $1 million per start for one season, I guess it stands to reason he will give the Mets similar grief for paying Pedro (assuming his season and Mets career are now over) roughly $1 million per start FOR FOUR SEASONS!!   Oh, wait, he won't, because Pedro gave the Mets "extra value" by serving as a symbol of legitimacy and a magnet for other free agents who, despite the fact the Mets offered them the most years and total money, would have signed elsewhere if Pedro weren't there - guys like Beltran, who came crawling to the Yankees at the 11th hour, begging them to sign him for $17 million less than the Mets were offering, and Wagner, who scored what was then the biggest contract ever signed by a relief pitcher.

From: Lee H
I've always admired your spin on Lupica, as I find him to be an annoying toddler-sized mound of fecal matter. I especially detest when he makes appearances on ESPN's The Sports Reporters on Sunday mornings, and pray for Mitch Albom or Bill Conlin to be on instead.

I do have one question to throw your way though; Lupica himself no doubt knows of this site, but have you heard of any staffers at the NY Daily News that read this stuff behind his back? Or in front of it for that matter? There's gotta be a gaggle of em, yes?

I've emailed other "writers" from the Daily News, giving them shit about stupid stuff they wrote about the Yankees, and every time I've mentioned this website. They've emailed me back, but they never commented on the website.

Probably because they know the little midget would instantly get them fired.

From: Bruce D
That little wussy dickhead must know by now how pathetic he looks with his age argument.
The bigger picture to me now is how silent he is regarding his limousine liberal butt buddy Spitzer.
If this had happened to a New York Republican official, Dickface would be covering the story for
months with his usual unimpressive wit and sarcasm. Of course, he thinks he's being oh so clever
and that all people must be mesmerized by his brilliance. He pulled the same exact thing when
he abandoned his good friend Imus when things got rough. Not a single word from him until Imus
later rebounded on his own - and then dickface shows up like nothing was ever wrong. He is very
likely the biggest hypocrite of all of them.

And also the shortest.


From: Dave M (To The NY Daily News)
Why can’t we comment on Lupica’s articles, and why doesn’t his email work? How can you guys allow him to be treated so differently? If you’re going to hire Boston beat writers to write for NY papers, at least make them act like NYers and face the music. Sure he gets on ESPN every Sunday morning but not to talk about the Daily News. He just hypes those books no one reads.

I say make him allow comments or tell him to go back to Boston. And please tell him to stop writing about the Yankees. News flash Daily News: New Yorkers love the Yankees. 15 articles in a row bashing them is not what we want to read. I’m going to start reading Bob Ryan for my Yankee coverage. He’s a lot more impartial at least.

Recent Lupica Articles:

Are you kidding me????????

From: Mark P
From Midget Mike today (by the way the streak continues with consecutive articles about Roger)

"Here's what I'd like to know: If the Yankees weren't in good enough shape last spring, how come nobody told me about that until Joe Torre left the room?" - Lupica, 3-9-08


From: Lucas
Thank you for providing a media response and opportunity to vent at lupica's work. Man am i glad i'm not the only one who thinks the guy is incredibly sensationalistic and gossip-y, and nothing like what a sports columnist you go through the seasons with should be. I don't expect to agree with any fellow sports fan on all or even most issues. But lupica is so personal, so catty, so immature and whiny in his columns that there's nothing to agree or disagree with, really. There's so little information and so much moralizing that the drama and discipline of sports and athletics never comes up.

Thank you for calling him out. I sure wish he was more responsible in his column.

From: Robert P
I actually took the trouble to calculate the averages ages of the 2 teams.  The Mets is 30.9.  The Yankees, with Giambi, is 31.7.  What a big difference.  If you replace Giambi with Duncan, its 30.7, LESS than the Mets.  I tried to e-mail this douchebag with some actual facts, but it was returned.  Doesn't that midget accept e-mails?

From: Trisha

I am freakin’ jealous that you thought of this and I didn’t!  This is one of the funniest flippin sites I have ever seen.   You know, they say love makes the world go round; and our love for each other as Yankee fans hating Mike Lupica  - well it just warms the heart.  Lupica is also a Red Sox groupie.  He can’t get enough of being interviewed on WEEI and ingratiating himself as the resident Red Sox adulator.  I hear that in private he walks around with a pacifier in his mouth and a muscle t-shirt that says “My favorite team is, let’s see, who’s playing the Yankees?”

From: Mark P
What’s the midget up to now about 10 straight articles about Rocket, Andy and the Yanks?  2 points.  1) OBSESSION??   2) He always claims this is now the Mets town.  Guess the Mets just ain’t worth writing about!

From: Warrior 21
Let's face it... I think most of the media has an anti Yankee bias.... Now they've all jumped on the Mr. Met bandwagon..... Also have you ever seen a bigger collection of morons that ESPN trots out every day.... Lupica is so busy forcing his liberal politics on everyone ... I think Kevin Kiernan is pretty fair with our Yankees.... How anyone can call into the Fatso Mike and the retard show in the afternoon is beyond me also. They are so busy trying to be such smartasses they don't listen and talk over everyone by screaming at them if you disagree with them... We have quite a group in this area... I long for the days of the "scooter"

From: nyy5xws 
I can't stand Lupica. I remember 20 years ago reading the Daily News and Lupica, talk about creepy, the guy spends 24-7 thinking of ways to defame the Yankees. He once said back in 1989 or so, that; "The NYY will never win another W.S. as long as Big Stein is the owner" Well, 6 W.S. later and 4 Championships, he was eating Yankee cock for a decade. He is a fucking dweeb. I didn't know that hairbag was a Bostonian, now it all make perfect sense. Good job!!

From: Mark P
Mikey says Hank should have gotten Santana when he had the chance.  But didn’t Pee Wee say a few months ago “if I am the Yankees I don’t get Santana for that contract extension”.  Both sides of the mouth…AS USUAL!!

From: Saih2
You should start checking on Madden, he's starting to act like Lupica by the articles he wrote.

From: Barry
Sign on Lupica's desk:

"The Shmuck Stops Here."

From: Pete Sayek
Great site you have there! I've been complaining about (Midget Met) Mike Lupica in my own blog for years and always wanted to set up a site like the one you have - thanks for saving me the trouble!

Lupica is a jealous little twerp with a Napoleon complex who turns on a dime. He loved Joe Torre then he made fun of Joe Torre. He never has a nice thing to say about any Yankee player or member of the organization unless it's a back-handed compliment.

He's a typical, idiotc New England liberal. He dislikes Steinbrenner because he's a Republican (and let's not forget, a Nixon supporter!). It bothers him that (nemesis #1) Giuliani resuced this city after the Dinkins decay threatened to kill it forever by being his own man. He attacks them - and anyone that dares not share the same opinions as him - in a juvenille, bullying way.

Naturally, he's got an enormous hard-on now that Clemens is being dragged through the mud because he still cries at night when he thinks about Roger knocking his hero - that big, phony dolt Mikey Piazza - down. He probably screeched like a little girl jumping up on a chair to get away from a mouse when that happened. Never mind that Piazza ducked into the pitch instead of bailing out but what can you do.

I guess all those needles he put into his Roger Clemens voodoo doll every night finally paid off, never mind that it's the word of a despicable cretin vs. a Hall of Famer. Always take the word of the cretin when it suits your own demented, infantile agenda.

I hope you stay up Lupica's ass like a sadistic proctologist from now until the end of time. He deserves to be torn apart for his anti-Yankee, anti-everything snarky bullshit. He's a dime store journalist that uses his column as a bully pulpit. Keep up the good work.

From: Warrior21
I get it now.. It's perfectly ok for the Mets to break the bank... Now I hope Wilpon's little lap dog will harp on how big the Mets payroll is.. and since they now own New York He will get off the Yankees back....
I never wish ill of anyone but do I hear torn rotator cuff ???
Hey Jose Reyes you have competition for the Lupica wedding dress now!!!!

From: Jennifer
Do you have Stupica's email address?  I would like to email him and ask him if he is going to mention the Mets payroll in every article.  And mention how much money they've spent since they've won a world series.

From: Derek
Love your site. I had no idea until recently so many other people hated this little roach as much as I do.  Every time I see his stupid face in the News, I think of Fredo Corleone. The little shit actually had three articles in yesterday's paper. He even found a way to diss Clemens in an article supposedly about the Giants. I pray every night that this penis-envying mental midget takes his tired act back to beantown.  Keep up the great work.

From: Dave M

I pray every night for one thing: To be in my seat in Yankee stadium and see Lupica within earshot of me. I would spend the entire game telling him to leave and reminding him that he’s not Mitch Albom. Here are the insults I would hurl his way:

“I read your book. What do I win?”

“Stop kissing Mitch Albom’s Ass.”

“You’re not Mitch Albom”

“No one wants you here”

Etc. God that would be sweet.

I will do my best to record it should it ever happen.

From: FStan
Right... Bush & the Yankees are bad their payroll is too high.. but..... the Clintons ,Imus, & the Mets are good...

Maybe it wasn't Monica under the desk in the White House...any "Cuban" on you
little fella.......

From: tjseven

Great job......funny as all hell because it's so true.
The question remains though which little "sissyboy" got bounced off more lockers in High School... Mikey Lupica or Kwis Wusso!


From: Brian
Great Site!
Lupica is a phony and fraud. He hates the Yankees with a passion for the winning tradition.

His political commentary leans to a high flying limo liberal. It comes loud and clear when he's on the air kissing the I-Man's ass. Please add on the desk of Mike Lupica: Mention at least how bad President Bush or the Republicans are at least once in sports column.

From: Chris

Any clue if Lupica is aware of your site?

I wonder if Lupica knows how much everybody hates him? Or if he is aware how many people rag on him about not allowing people to comment on his columns while all the other sportswriters do at the Daily News do. He is ball-less! The guy is a weasel and a coward and a phony. Not to mention he doesn't know shit about sports. By the way. Great site!


YAY! More hate mail!

From: Act
Love, if you're going to spend your spend time harping on someone else's shortcomings (pimping your web site in another blog's comments section aside), it's probably best to have your own in check first.

A few points:

1. Cursing nonstop does not equate to humor.

Hmm...I think cursing is fucking hilarious.

2. Punctuation always goes inside the quote tags. Always. Or, just in general, please learn grammar. Please.

I never professed to being a great writer or good at grammar. I just like to write nasty shit about a dick who gets paid to bash my favorite team.

But thanks for the tip.

3. One of the better things about FJM is that they don't attack every tiny little possible missive. You do.

Um, wrong bitch. I only attack Lupica when he attacks the Yankees.

Which is basically every fucking article he writes.

It makes you look horribly inept to be attacking someone for every single sentence of an article, especially in situations where nothing is really wrong.

If you think nothing is wrong in his articles, you should start a website called

4. Florida Panthers fans have, more or less, stopped coming to the games.

This matters a lot when the article in question was about 2007 baseball fans. Tool.

Marlins aren't faring much better. It might-- might-- be a good idea to look into the thing you say before you say them.

Ok then. Let's take a look.

2006 Marlins attendance =
2007 Marlins attendance = 1,370,511

Nice job, douche bag.

5. The constant touting of the Yankees and the sickening bias just reek of someone with a personal vendetta, as opposed to someone who seriously takes issue with what's going on.

Are you that fucking dumb?

Change "touting" to "slamming" and you have the last 7 years of Lupica's work in a nutshell.

The only difference is that he gets paid to be a dick. I, on the other hand, am a dick for fun.

For the love of the game, if you will.

You come off as a sterotypical Yankees fan... like someone who would interrupt a conversation between two BoSox fans just so you could shout, "YANKS RULE OMG!" in their faces.

If that's how you perceive me and this website, then you are way off.

And an asshole.

The whole thing oozes of a kind of 2nd-grade maturity level.

That is actually a grade higher than what I was aiming for - thanks for the compliment!

6. A general point, but the layout is brutal. I'd highly recommend using a free template, a blog service, or-- gasp!-- learning some HTML/CSS.

I would love to, but I'm a little too busy having a life...filling my time with things you can't even possibly relate to, like getting laid for example.

It's actually really hard to read.

I'm sorry to hear that. Perhaps you can pick this up at your local bookstore...


That was lovely for a laugh, really...

That's the idea.

but probably not for the reason you intended.

It's been great talking to you, Mrs. Lupica.

From: Terry G

I would address you as Mr. Lupica or at least Mike, but… you have become childish and irrelevant.

I hate the Yankees and dislike Bonds as a person, but…….. enough of the steroid crap.

How about becoming a very good sportswriter again, instead of morphing into the whiney, avenging angel of morality that you have become?

If you want issues, maybe you should mimic Whitlock. Agree or disagree with him, at least he chooses relevant issues and topics.

From: JD
Lupica has always struck me as the type of guy who was probably the statistician for the baseball team in high school but insisted on telling everyone that he was on the team. It's as if a world of athletic dreams and aspirations came crashing down for him 20-odd years ago and he has decided to take it out on the successful, talented guys that used to beat him up.

Also, please note that he tends to trash the Yankees when they struggle and/or fail. When they win you'd be surprised at how quickly the spin turns positive. In fact, Summer of '98 is practically a love letter to the Yankees. So, add "hypocrite" to the ol' resume as well.

Your mission is a just one. Keep it up.

From: Jason B
Paul Byrd's 1000 HGH units and 100 syringes aren't enough for Mike Lupica.

Lupica's angry point is he wants Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens to sit on television in front of Congress just like Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa did. Lupica will accept nothing less. At the very end of the article he throws in 2 more names he'd like to see, but he's done being furious, just mentions the names: Brian Roberts and Miguel Tejada.

How does Paul Byrd, a major user over a period of years, winner of the deciding game against the Yankees in the 2007 ALDS, escape the extreme anger of Lupica? Byrd doesn't even get a mention? Much of Byrd's 'oh come on, this was for an approved medical condition and everyone knew about it' has been disproved.

How does the case of Paul Byrd totally escape Mike Lupica? Why aren't Paul Byrd and his litany of lies making headlines?

From: Babs

Other unbiased Lupica classics:

- When Jeter had his one slump a few years ago 0-32 he basically said he's through..what a few gold gloves, a should have been MVP season (probably didnt get it because Lupica didnt vote for him), etc...since..

- He tried to get Torre fired the last three years meanwhile barely laid a hand on Randolph this year...12 straight post seasons and as decent a man as there is in the game....good guy to attack???

- How bout how he always talks about how much money the Yanks have spent since their last world come he never adds up all the money the Mets spent since their last one...or better yet the Cubs:-)

- His harshness towards Pettitte is obviously personal

- He doesnt seem to mention that Mitchell is a Red Sox board member and the way no significant Red Sox is on that list....


From: Frank B
Radar O'Reilly from MASH and Mike Lupica..Separated at Birth?


Same height, same doofy look.
Keep up the good work!

From: Sal
While we're at it, let's get Carton off the air. Another Yankee-hater with no intelligence and no wit. I can't stand that piece of garbage. I never thought anyone would be bad enough to drive me to Mike and Mike in the morning, and then he showed up.

From: A Mets Fan
Lupica sucks.

From: EP
Thanks for providing an outlet to expose the truth about Lupica. I've noticed now his latest prima donna stunt is being the ONLY columnist in the Daily News where you can't post any public comments about what he writes. That not only makes him a coward, it also makes him like a schoolyard bully who can get away writing his slashing junk but no one can talk back to him.

This guy is a disgrace to the sportswriting profession. 

From: Danny
I found your site yesterday and loved it. Sent it to a bunch of friends. Now I realized what a phony little asshole this guys is. Even my Met fan friends are disgusted.

Go Yanks!!

From: Cassie
Site is great! I have always felt that Stupica is, next to that Loudmouth Schilling, one of the biggest gasbag tools in all of sports.

Saw him on the Barefoot Contessa cooking show. I imagine he has a crush on Ina Garten’s husband Geoffery! Nothing like love in the Hamptons!

Jerk of all jerks.

Thanks for the laughs.

Cassie..Yank fan in Vermont

From: JBruno

From: lis171nyc
About a month ago, I was watching a show called 'Barefoot Contessa' on the Food Network (one of the few remaining hosts who can actually cook). Anyway, at the end of every show, in her Hamptons enclave, she always invites friends over to feast on her extravagant meals. Guess who showed up at the table in this particular episode? Yep, the mighty midget himself. I wonder how many times he mentioned the Yankee payroll between bites of Beef Tenderloin and Apple-Pear crisp?

From: unclerukus
Your website is terrible and your obsession with Lupica is laughable.

Then why are you commenting about it, asshole?

I hope your site gets infected with a virus.

Unlike your girlfriend, this site is very safe and free of viruses.

You are the epitome of a moronic, braindead Yankee fan.

I know. I'm so dumb for supporting my team.

The increasing payroll makes the annual collapse THAT much better.

Haha, a Mets fan? Saying "annual collapse"? That's comedy.

Moron, while the Mets had the highest payroll in the NL, the second highest team was only 10 mill behind, or so.

I see, so that explains how the Mets haven't made the playoffs with the highest NL payroll in four of the last five years.

The Yankees, up until this season, almost doubled the 2nd highest payroll in the AL.

And that's why the Yankees always make the playoffs.

I know that Yankee fans aren't known for their IQ, but even you can get my point.

If your point is the Mets suck on a yearly basis, then yes, I get your point.

You are a joke.

It's been an honor, Mr. Steve Phillips.


From: czar
I love your website.. I think Lupica is an arrogant jerkoff...and although I am a mets fan myself he does seem a little anti-yankee at times..yet my issues with him is writing political comments in his Sports column. He is a POS. I hope he knows about your website.


From: Jeffrey R
What they don't tell you is that this photo was taken in mid-September, as Lupica tossed batting practice to his butt-buddy Jose Reyes to try to help him break out of his batting slump.

Little Mikey's trying so hard… you can tell by the look on his face that it takes every gram of strength (ounces are too big) to get that softball all the way from the pitchers mound on a little league field…a whole 44 feet (or the length of 11 Lupicas) to home plate.

Reyes popped it up.  Like he popped up everything thrown to him after September 1st.

From: Peter
After having spent some more time on your site and talking to a few other fellow Lupica-haters, I have a couple more thoughts.

What is your/our objective? I assume and hope that it is to get his voice (writing/ranting) less heard, to lessen his impact of Yankee-bashing.What steps do we need to take to make this happen? Your web-site and searches for your site utilizing key-words is number one. Letter writing campaigns – to editors, bloggers, writers, Daily News executives, Daily News advertising execs, etc is the next best action.

A wonderful side benefit to all of this of course is to make this little dweeb’s life miserable.  I hate this rat more than anyone, he’s from Boston, he shouldn’t be writing about the Yankees in a major NY newspaper.  We should bring this point up with sports writers at other publications or media outlets.

Again, whatever I can do to help get him in a place where I don’t see his face or have to read his headlines (I rarely read the actual article b/c it unduly raises my blood-pressure).

Again, keep up the fantastic work! Let’s get this little non-athlete out of the Daily News.

From: Peter
What can I do to help? Seriously, I will do whatever it takes to get him out of the Daily News.  I have written two letters to the editor at the DN, and have talked with writers at the NY Observer.  Maybe I can write some templated Letters to the Editor that you can publish for people to amend a little and then send to the News.

Bottom line we need to get him out from in front of our face in our New York paper.  Today’s article about Derek is the last fucking straw!

I created a website, piss poor compared to yours, that was successful (I had tons of running dialogue with ESPN execs):

Good luck, and tell me what I can do to help.


From: Bob G
While you are considering Joel Sherman for inclusion as a member of Lupica's "hit team" don't forget the alternative media of broadcasting where I would like to nominate my favorite Yankee basher the eternally endless Tim McCarver.

McCarver, who matches Lupica with biased, inane, nitwit commentary, always makes sure his audience remembers his pearls of wisdom by making the same point 17 times in a row (19 times when it comes to Yankee payroll.) Mr McCarver, who last year suffered a severe case of prius as he went into an explosion of uncontrollable orgasms resulting from a combination of taking an overdose of Cialis at the same time the Cardinals won the world series, was last seen this year somewhere near a Tibetan monastery seeking the Oracle of all knowledge in a quest to find out how the Cardinals went so wrong this year.

From: flushingfaithful18

That is f-ing hilarious...and I am a Mets fan.

From: AM523

All hail to the mightiest of Mike Lupica haters! You're the greatest!

I hate the fuckin' guy with a passion. My wife wants to kick his ass! We're both Yankee fans and we can't stand the fact that he gets away with his Yankee bashing all the while not saying any shit about the perennial high payroll shitsquad in Flushing. He's a friend of the Wilpons. Of course he's not going to say shit about them. He's got zero integrity.

Keep up the good work!

From: Steve
The little twerp hasn't mentioned imus in a while. today's column only mentioned the Yankee payroll 5 times. your website is perfect,I have been unable to vent about this creep and you have given me the perfect venue. do not let up, you are making my day!


From: Dave R
Whoever you are, you rock.  That little weasel Lupica has been pissing me off for years.  But I always thought I was alone.  Now I know I'm not.
He recycles the same old crap about the Yankees.  I wish I had a dollar for every time he used the "Especially at these prices" line.  Time to expose this little twerp.  Keep up the good work.

From: Scott
Great Website! It's about time that EGO maniac is put in his place. Was checking my old baseball cards and came across this. Hope you like it! Thanks!


From: Cousin Brewski
Keep up the good work!!!!

Bruce D

Mike Lupica is a frustrated little gay man with a Napoleon complex to boot. I have not liked this guy in years but am almost starting to feel bad for the guy. He needs professional help to get him back to realizing he is a nerdy little fella with not a lot of talent or intelligence. His raging alter ego is on the loose and offending millions of sports fans. Someone needs to step on him before it is too late.


From: Evan

From: Bruce D
I stopped reading that little fart several years ago. There are few things worse than a guy who thinks he is more clever than everyone else while actually being far less intelligent than most. He is one of several sports writers who injects his political beliefs and opinions in most of his columns as if people actually value them. The Jeter/Lugo comment is unreal. Jeter is 2nd in the league with runners in scoring position. If the RBI opportunities were there this year it stands to reason he would be on a similar pace to last season when he almost knocked in a 100. If he knew that stat and ignored it he is dishonest. If he didn't know it he is lazy and unprofessional.
I just thought you should know that. What a pompous ass!

From: Renzdadude
Hands down, the best site on the internet! Though with Lupica, it´s a lot like beating up a retarded kid. lol
Loving it!
Go Yankees!

From: AllShea

Thanks so much for this website, a place where I can go when asshole Lupica starts writing his crap. Can you imagine the article Mikey would have written if A-Rod got pulled out of a game for not hustling like his buddy Reyes did?? Lupica did not say a word. Just wanted to say thanks again, and if you need help with anything on the website, just let me know. Would love to lend a hand.


From: shakyp
I was just sharing Enough Lupica with an office I write this he's near peeing his pants over the Mike Lupica talking doll.
I think you have a fan for life.

From: xpflyr1
I don't know what you do for a living, but if it has nothing to do with web design and comedy, you're wasting your talent!
Excellent and very funny

From: AllShea
Love your site!!!!, its about time Yankee fans got together to bash this little creep. If Lupica ever holds a book signing Yankee fans should just line up just to heckle Little Mikey. Keep up the good work!


From: ENigma
Lupica is a Yankees Hater. Why Do Mets Fans like Lupica always writes about negative things about Yankees and irritate Yankees Fans like myself. Lupica doesn't respect Yankees who brought more championship to Ny City than Mets. He's a jealous sob. Well, The Mets haven't won in nearly twenty years. He should worry about his team not the Yankees. Did He forget that Willie Randolph former a Yankees player and manager?

From: ChrisRusso
The Carl Pavano joke book has me literally LOLing and I'm at work so it was kinda embarrassing...thanx dude keep it up.

From: Jeff R.
I just wanted to thank you for putting this together and tearing into this cross-eyed little nitwit the way he deserves to be.

The old saying goes that "Those who cannot do, teach." And apparently, those who cannot do or teach become crappy sports writers and complain about those who can, in fact, do. Sadly, for all Lupica's whining about the Yankees, he knows next to nothing about the game of baseball, which shows every time he opens his mouth about steroids and payrolls rather than talking about what's actually HAPPENING in the GAMES like any semi-intelligent sports writer might occasionally try to do.

The only consolation I had prior to your site, was to liken Lupica's work to "Rush & Molloy" in the Daily News. You know, those celebrity paparazzi crap-writers? I just told myself that Mike was the sports-version of them.

I can't help but picture this guy sitting in his mother's basement late at night, trolling around on eBay looking for a pair of Jose Reyes' recently-used, unwashed panties.

From: Paucle
I enjoy your take on Lupica's views every week. Truly, wackily, brilliant!
It's funny because it's true....

From: moooose35
your site is hilarious!!

From: Babebomber
L is for LOSER
P is for Predictable
I is for Idiot
C is for Cunning
A is for (not too hard to figure out)

From: TBone
Lupica is like the bat boy who got teased in High School. No doubt he has little man syndrome, Napoleonic Complex, etc. He loves to bring up what is wrong with the Yankees and George.

Unlike his counter part, who wrote a great book, Mornings with Morie, he doesn't focus on what is wrong with the Detroit Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, etc. But, man he has some strong "spock-like" ears. Sports Reporters is a great show in spite of the negativity that Lupica seems to always muster.

From: Warrior21
Lupica is like the little kid in school who was always put in right field and never picked to play... so he decided to get even and become a sportswriter...

He is typical of most so called writers who like to tear people down...

think George kicked him out of the press box once and he never got over it!
If he had a real job he would the manager at Burger King

This site is a breath of fresh air... I thought I was the only one who hated this
little left wing j.o.!!!!

I think George kicked him out of the press box his Yankee hatred began!

Keep it up... now if we could package him with Russo and his bad imitation of Jerry Lewis.... and send them to San Fran.... they could pick on Pumpkin Head Bonds...

Keep it up until the little piggies squeal!!!!

From: Anonymous

this clown is the sleaziest member of the very sleazy ny media. thank you for this website.

From: Bret
I used to be a fan of Mike Lupica. Until he started on his Anti-Yankees Crusade. His problem is that he never lets up. The Yankees could win the Worlds Series every single year and he'd still rip on them. He's taken it upon himself to disrespect the Yankees and praise the Mets every
chance he gets, whether it's in print, on TV or on radio. Sadly, he's has the forum in which to spew his ramblings. Even more sad, is the fact that we don't.

From: MB
I just received an e-mail about your website. Priceless. Great to find there are like minded fans who want to see the little twit put in his place.What's particularly laughable about this guy is the hard hitting macho newspaper reporter he trys to foist himself of as in light of that pre-pubescent 13 vear old girls voice he whines on with every Sunday morning on the Sports Reporters.Definetley the last kid picked in the school yard and not willing to let you or himself forget it. Keep up the good work.

From: Angela
This is by far one of the funniest sites on the internet. I check it every day for new stuff. I love the new Pavano joke book. I'm so glad to see that so many others share my thoughts about Lupica. When my husband watches The Sports Reporters on Sunday mornings, I have to leave the room because I just know that some Lupica Yankee bashing is going to happen. Please keep the site going. It's the best!!!!

From: Mark
Without a doubt, one of the funniest websites on the net.

From: Matt
Mike Lupica reminds me of that little laughing rat who sat atop Jabba The Hut in "Return Of The Jedi". Whenever the diminutive big mouth appears on "Imus In The Morning" he can be relied upon to be completely unfunny, laugh at unfunny things and continue to be the puny wimp who never got picked as a kid in the schoolyard games. This is the transparent reason he's so angry at successful people like George Steinbrenner.

From: Scott
he is an idiot he always mentions payroll but never mentions the tax that the Yankees pay

From: torrefan9
"from the desk of mike lupica" page made me ROFL

From: lilnyygirl
Man, keep up the good work on the site:) Hope to see new articles posted soon!

From: jeter2mo42
ROFL!!! That is great!! I love it! I will be checking it out daily for a good laugh. I am sure he will provide more than enough material for you as the season goes on.

From: jeter2mo42
Did you do the mini-me and Tatoo? LOL! Those are great!

From: nyyhunter
That is so funny it's downright painful! The calendar alone is enough to justify the whole site. And that doll!!! Keep it coming, please!!!!!

From: yankeegirly
This site is hilarious!! All my friends at works came over to see what I'm laughing at. You made our morning after a boring meeting. I especially liked the "from the desk of Mike Lupica". Thanks for the laugh. Send him a link, I'm sure he'd love to read about himself.

From: BillBuckner
Dude, halarious doesn't even come close to describing that From the Desk of Mike Lupica page. Great, great stuff!

From: Dani
Dude, I am lovin it!! I think you should send Lupica the link so he can enjoy it too!!!

From: Carl
You think this guy is bad? You should listen to Dan Patrick and Doug
Gottlieb of ESPN. Two Yankee haters who spew out inane garbage on a
daily basis.

From: 263945BEST
Nice job...LOL!!!

From: spaceyank02
brilliant site it cracks me up. I especially like the section of what's on his desk- it sums him up to a tee!

From: hitman23mvp85
HAHAHA! Classic! Great site man! Lupica is such a tool, you should take out an ad in the Daily News Sports section for your site, I'd chip in.

From: 23fanatic
Nice site! Thanks. I really want to like Lupica, but no doubt he is constantly bashing the Yankees. F him.

From: vayankeee2
I loved the calendar lol

From: Terminator

From: lilnyygirl
Great site! Gave me a good laugh, but I think you might be missing one important fact that us Yankee fans don't know about yet...
The Yankees' payroll is 200 million dollars.

From: Geljoy74
I just loved the talking doll. That is a great site. Keep it going.


From: joed2jeter
BRILLIANT! I was laughing out loud in my office.

From: Sam18
Dude did you write the "from the desk of Mike Lupica" stuff? That's freakin hilarious!!

From: Panamaniac42
This is f*cking fantastic.
A job well done - the "From the desk of [Scat-loving Pederast]" section was great.
Nice job destroying his most recent column.

From: destiNY
That was unbelievably hilarious

From: CallOfTheCrow
Awesome stuff, man.